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軍考專題解答 / 高起本


Unit One (新增) 1.學習是孩子生活中的主要任務。???Studies take a major role in a child’s life. 2.我們可以把與人交往培養成一種經常性的習慣。?W can make socializing a regular habit. 3.她的孩子幾乎每天都去附近的公園。?Her child g ...

Unit One (新增)

1.學習是孩子生活中的主要任務。???Studies take a major role in a child’s life.

2.我們可以把與人交往培養成一種經常性的習慣。?W can make socializing a regular habit.

3.她的孩子幾乎每天都去附近的公園。?Her child goes to a neighboring park almost every day.

4.當我聽到這些,我感到這孩子是多么幸運啊!?When I heard this,I really felt how lucky the child was!

5. When my friend put out the idea of homeschooling to her parents. the first reaction they gave was,

“You are cutting the child off the world.”當我的朋友第一次向她父母提出在家上學的想法時,她父母的第一反應是:你是在把孩子同 現實世界隔離開來。

6. But in homeschooling system, as my friend mentioned,the kid has all the time and can plan his day


7. Her child goes to a neighboring park almost every day and has a set of friends who go there daily.?她的孩子幾乎每天都到附近的公園玩,而且結交了一群每天都去那里的孩子。

8. Definitely the child had a better opportunity to socialize when compared with my kids.?和我的孩子比起來,這個孩子的社交機會肯定更多。

Unit Two?

1.今天,代溝并沒有完全消失,不過在很多家庭里,它在日益縮小。?Today, the generation gap has not disappeared, but it is getting narrow in many families.

2.賀卡上寫著這樣的話:致媽媽,我最好的朋友。這一點都不稀奇。?No wonder greeting cards today carry the message, “To my mother, my best friend.”

3.對于角色和態度的轉變,家庭問題研究者們給出了各種各樣的原因。?Family researchers offer a variety of reasons for these evolving roles and attitudes.

4.雖然生活變得更加難以理解或應對,但共同的興趣愛好把為人父母的生活變得更有樂趣。?Life is more difficult to understand or deal with,but sharing interests does make it more fun to be a?parent now.

5. Sometimes, when Mr. Ballmer and his 16-year-old daughter, Elizabeth,listen to rock music together?and talk about interests both enjoy, such as pop culture, he remembers his more distant relationship with his parents when he was a teenager.


6. From clothing and hairstyles to activities and expectations, earlier generations of parents and?children often appeared to move in separate orbits.?從穿衣風格到參與的活動以及各種期望,上一代的父母和孩子常常是大相徑庭。

7. And parent-child activities, from shopping to sports, involve a feeling of trust and friendship that can continue into adulthood.?父母和孩子共同參與的活動,從購物到運動,包含了一種信任和友誼的感覺,這種感覺可以一直持續到孩子成年。

8. There’s still a lot of strictness and authority on the part of parents out there,but there is a change?happening.?現在,雖然父母仍然很嚴格且權威大大,但變化正在發生。



Unit Three

5.A composer writes a work,but no one can hear it until it is performed.?作曲家寫完了一部作品,得由演奏者將其演奏出來,其他人才能得以欣賞。

6. Most training is concerned with technique, for musicians have to have the muscular proficiency of?an athlete or ballet of dancer.?絕大多數訓練是技術性的。音樂家們控制肌肉的熟練程度,必須達到和運動員或芭蕾舞演員相當的水平。

7.歌手和樂器演奏者必須使每個音符完美和諧。?Singers and instrumentalists have to be able to get every note perfectly in tune.

8.除非是和音樂方面的知識和悟性結合起來,單純的技巧沒有任何用處。?Technique is of no use unless it is combined with musical knowledge and understanding.

Unit Four

1.你的眼睛就像是兩個小型照相機。??Your eyes are like two small cameras.

2.照相機捕捉到物體的形象,然后把它記錄到膠片上。?A camera catches an image of an object and records it on film.

3.一只眼睛看到的世界是二維的,和圖片上的一樣。?A world seen with one eye is two-dimensional, as in a photograph.

4.如果沒有立體視覺,它們就難以確定危險離它們有多遠。?Without stereoscopic sight, they have difficulty determining how far a danger is.

5. Working as a team, the eyes send the images to your brain, which puts them together into a single,?centered image.


6. Because your eyes are set close together, they view the world from about the same height but from

slightly different angles.


7. On the other hand,animals that are hunted have eyes on the sides of the head, which provides nearly 360-degree field of sight.?另一方面,被捕食的動物在頭兩側長有眼睛,這為它們提供了近360的視野。

8. In order to stay alive, they need to see things coming from the sides and from behind.?為了生存,它們必須從側面和后面進行觀察。

Unit Five?

1.能源獨立是美國總統數十年來一直追求的夢想。?Energy independence has been the dream of American president for decades.

2.我們從其他地方購買石油是有原因的。?There are reasons that we buy all that oil from elsewhere.

3.生物燃料大多會導致經濟上的浪費和環境的毀壞。?Most bio-fuels cause economic waste and environmental destruction.

4.美國大幅區域都禁止石油開采和(石油制品的)生產。?Vast areas of the United States are off-limits to oil exploration and production.

5. The first reason is that we need oil to keep our economy running.?第一個原因是我們需要石油來維持經濟運轉。

6. The United States is also a large exporter of oil products, selling about 2 million barrels of?petroleum products per day to about 90 countries.?美國也是最大的石油制品出口國,每天有兩百萬桶石油制品銷往約90個國家。

7. To what extent are Americans really willing to tolerate the environmental impacts of domestic?energy production in order to cut back imports??為了消減進口,美國對國內能源生產及對環境產生的影響容忍度到底有多大?

8. There is no question that the United States imports a great deal of energy and, in fact, relies on that?steady flow to maintain its economy.?美國無疑進口了大量的能源,事實上,她依賴于穩定的(能源)進口以維持其經濟。

Unit Six

5. The wedding party enters the church while the wedding march is played.?參加婚禮的一行人伴著結婚進行曲進入教堂。

6. The bride and the groom run to the car under a shower of rice thrown by the wedding guests.?新郎新娘在婚禮客人撒下的雨點般的大米中跑向汽車。

7.但婚禮在哪里舉行、怎樣舉行,總有某些傳統的習俗。?But many weddings, no matter where and how they are performed, include certain traditional?customs.

8.婚禮過后,通常舉辦宴會,被稱為“喜宴”,給參加婚禮的人一個向新婚夫婦祝福的機會。?After the ceremony there is often a party, called a “reception” which gives the wedding guests an?opportunity to congratulate the newlyweds.

Unit Seven

5.我們通過表情和姿勢給周圍的人傳遞信息。?We send massage to people around us also by our expressions and body movements.

6.年長的人第一次遇到某人時通常要握手。?Older people often shake hands when they meet someone for the first time.

7.除非是有某種原因,英國人不大喜歡相互之間太靠近。?English people do not like to be too close to one another unless there is a reason.

8.使用某種外語時,了解該國手勢和身體動作的含義是很重要的。?When one uses a foreign language, it is important to know the meanings of gestures and??movements in the foreign country.


1. Although we may not realize it,when we talk with others we make ourselves understood not just by?words.?當我們和別人談話的時候,我們可能沒有意識到我們并不僅僅通過詞語表達自己的意思。

2. Not all body language means the same thing in different countries.?并不是所有的肢體語言在不同的國家里都表示相同的意思。

3. French people kiss each other hello and goodbye more often than British people.?法國人在問候和告別時相互親吻多于英國人。

4. In Arab, you eat using the fingers of your right hand?在阿拉伯國家,吃飯要用右手的手指。

Unit Eight

1.被告知將要在此演講,我詢問應該說哪種話才合時宜。?Being told I would be expected to talk here, I inquired what sort of talk I ought to make.

2.所有人都知道你伴著百靈鳥起床,你會因此聲名鵲起。?It gives you a splendid reputation with everybody to know that you get up with the lark.

3.如果有上級,尊敬上級,尊重陌生人,有時也要尊重他人。? ?Be respectful to your superiors, if you have any, also to strangers, and sometimes to others.

4. They said my talk should be something suitable to youth—something didactic, instructive. or?something in the nature of good advice.?他們說我的演講內容應該適應年輕人——具有教育意義,或者能提出些善意的忠告。

5. It is in one’s tender early years that such things will best take root and be most enduring and most?valuable.


6. This is the best policy in the long run, because if you don’t, they will make you.?從長遠來看,這是最佳法則,因為你不這樣做,他們也會迫使你去做。

Unit Nine

1. The time is now near at hand which must probably determine whether Americans are to be freemen or slaves.


2. Our cruel and unrelenting enemy leaves us only the choice of a brave resistance or the most abject??submission.


3. If we now shamefully fail, we shall become infamous to the whole world.??如果我們現在可恥地失敗,將會讓整個世界蒙羞。

4. Every good soldier will be silent and attentive – wait for orders,and reserve his fire until he is sure?of doing execution.


Unit Ten

4. We do not educate children only for the purpose of educating them; our purpose is to fit them for??life.


5. We can live without education, but we die if we have no food.?沒有教育,我們仍能夠活下去,沒有食物我們便會餓死。

6. Because of their degree, they refused to do what they think“low” work; and in fact, work with?hands is thought to be dirty and shameful in such countries.?由于學歷高,他們拒絕去做那些認為“低賤”的工作,事實上在這些國家,動手的體力活就看作骯臟、丟臉的工作。

7.每個人都能做與他體力和腦力相適應的工作。?Each of us can do whatever job is suited to his brain and ability.

8.只有這樣的教育才能稱作對社會有價值的教育。?Only such a type of education can be called valuable to society.


1. Education is not an end,but a means to an end.???教育不是一個目標,而是達到目標的一種方式。

2. As soon as we realize this fact, we will understand that it is very important to choose a good way?education which will really prepare children for life.?一旦認清這一點,我們便會理解,選擇一種教會他們為未來生活而準備的教育方法是十分重要的。

3. But we have to understand that the work of completely uneducated farmer is more important than?that of a professor in a way.?但我們必須懂得,在某種程度上,一個完全未受過教育的農民的工作比一位教授的工作更為重要。

4. In countries where there are no servants because nobody is willing to do such work,the professors?have to waste of their time doing housework.?在一個國家,由于沒人愿意做這種活,便沒有傭人,教授們就不得不浪費時間自己干家務。

Unit Eleven

5. Everybody has a different concept of this country and everybody is right.?每個人對這個國家都有著不同的認識,而每個人都是正確的。

6. Styles of architecture and especially churches are mirrors of consciousness of the people and of the?church and state.


7.德國國土被自然屏障分隔為兩邊。?Germany is bounded on two sides by natural barriers.

8.就是在這里,德國的生產工藝,對完美的渴望和對創新的追求,融合在技術中,令全世界敬仰。?It is here that German craftsmanship, demand for perfection, and the quest for innovation,come?together in technology admired the world over.

Unit Twelve

5. We do not know who first set a broken leg, or launched a seaworthy boat,or calculated the length of the year, or manured a field; but we know all about the killers and destroyers.


6. For that is what going to war means; it means saying that might is right.??這就是進行戰爭的意義,它意味著宣揚強權就是公理。


And I think most people believe that the greatest countries are those that have beaten in battle the?greatest number of other countries and ruled over them as conquerors.

8,從進化論的觀點來看,人類的確還是非常年幼的孩子,事實上,是只有幾個月的嬰兒。?From the point of view of evolution,human beings are very young children indeed, babies, in fact,?of a few months old.

Unit Thirteen

5. At 18 a person can vote and in this sense becomes a citizen of the state.??一個人18歲時有投票權,從這個意義上講,他已經成為了國家的公民了。

6. Being an adult certainly means a lot of personal rights to enjoy, but it means too financial and legal?duties to shoulder, mental and emotional independence to act.?作為成人,自然可以享受很多權利,但其意義遠非如此:成人意味著要承擔起經濟責任和法律責任,意味著要達成心智和情感的獨立。

7.在這些過程中,最根本、最具挑戰性的就是一個人由少年過渡為成年男女。?The most fundamental and challenging of these transitions occur when the child becomes a man or?woman.

8.伴隨著這種責任而來的是他們有了自由,能做出一些原先由父母做出的決定。?With this responsibility comes the freedom to make decisions previously made by the parents.

Unit Fourteen?

1.這是多年前,北弗吉尼亞一個寒冷的夜晚。??It was a bitter cold evening in northern Virginia many years ago.

2.當騎手慢慢接近時,老人看到了他的眼神。?AS this rider draw near,the old man caught his eye.

3.這些感人肺腑的話深深觸動了騎馬人的心。?Those heart-warming comments touched the horseman deeply.

4.我絕不會因為事務繁忙而放棄給別人提供幫助。?I may never get too busy in my own affairs that I fail to respond to the needs of others.

5. The old man’s beard was glazed by winter’s frost while he waited for a ride across the river.


6. Seeing the old man was unable to lift his half-frozen body from the ground, the horseman??dismounted and helped the old man onto the horse.??看到老人不能移動他凍僵的身體,騎馬人下馬幫老人騎上馬。

Unit Fifteen

6.未來的歷史學家在寫我們這段歷史的時候會別具一格。??Future historians will be in a unique position when they come to record the history of our own times.

7.歷史學家認為日歷是隨農業的問世而出現的。?Historians have assumed that calendars came into being with the advent of agriculture.

8.長期以來,歷史學家一直對雕刻在墻壁上和骨頭上的點、線和形形色色的符號感到困惑不解。??Historians have long been puzzled by dots, lines and symbols which have been engraved on walls?and bones.

9. They will hardly know which facts to select from the great mass of evidence that steadily accumulates.


10. It seems that man was making a real effort to understand the seasons 20,000 years earlier than has been supposed.


11. They have found that code is connected with the passage of days and the phases of the moon.


Unit Sixteen

1.I am writing in regards to my 2,OOO-word manuscript, tentatively titled Sophia’s Cooking Class.


2.I believe you would be the best publishing house for this type of story because of your focus on?books that help children who want to grow up quickly.?我認為你們是發行此類故事書的最佳出版社,因為你們專注于那些能夠幫助孩子們快速成長的書籍。

3. Although this is my first attempt at publishing a full book, I have had two of my short children’ s stories published.


4.Sophia幫忙做的每件事最后都變得亂糟糟。?Everything that Sophia tries to do ends up causing a great big mess.

5.盡管她母親對她非常耐心,Sophia卻變得越來越沮喪。?Although her mother is patient with her, Sophia gets more and more frustrated.

6.總有一天,她將能夠做“媽媽們”能做的每一件事。?One day she’ll be able to do everything that “mommies” can do.

Unit Seventeen

1.在這之前,他原本打算放棄了。?He was about to give up and quit before this point.

2.從那天起,他就特別關照她這個病例。?From that day on, he gave special attention to her case.

3.她默默地祈禱著,喜悅的淚水溢出了她的眼睛。?Tears of joy flooded her eyes as she prayed silently.

4.A poor boy who was trying to pay his way through school by selling goods door to door found that?he only had one dime left.?一個貧窮的小男孩為了攢學費正挨家挨戶地推銷商品,他摸遍全身卻只有一角錢。

5. They finally sent her to the big city, where specialists can be called in to study her rare disease.?最后她被轉到大城市醫治,那兒的專家可以會診治療她那罕見的疾病。

6. When he heard the name of the town she came from,a strange light filled his eyes.?當他聽到病人來的那個城鎮的名字時,一種異樣的眼神彌漫雙眼。

7. She was afraid to open it because she was positive that it would take the rest of her life to pay it off.?她不敢打開醫藥費通知單,因為她確信治病的費用將會花費她整個余生來償還。

Unit Eighteen

5.地球表面的三分之二是由廣闊的海洋構成的。?Two thirds of the earth’s surface is made up of vast oceans.

6.由于大部分的地球表面處于海下,人們只看到地球固體表面的很少一部分。?Little of the earth’s solid surface has been seen by humans, as much of it lies below the sea.

7.海藻產生出各種各樣的化學物質,有助于使海水保持清潔。?Seaweeds produce various chemicals that help keep the sea water clean.

8.世界上最長的珊瑚礁位于澳大利亞的東北沿海。?The longest coral bed in the world is one that lies off the northeast coast of Australia.

Unit Nineteen


1. Such work as they did would not be for themselves but for the collectivity .?他們所從事的工作將不是為了他們自身,而是為了整個集體。

2. Even the most cynical secretly admit that achievement counts for a great deal.?即使是最為憤世嫉俗的人暗地里也承認成就的意義舉足輕重。

3. ?Does this mean that achievement is at bottom empty??這是否意味著成功根本就是一場空?

4. Longevity would be increased, for fewer people would die of heart attack or stroke caused by?tumultuous endeavor.


5.我們大多數人都無法選擇死亡,無法選擇死亡的時間或條件。?We mostly do not choose to die,nor do we choose the time or conditions of our death.


The efforts of men and women are of no significance alongside the force of movements and events.

7.但是在這些無法選擇之中,我們的確可以選擇自己的生活方式。? Within all this realm of choicelessness, we do choose how we shall live.

8.不論世界對我們所做的選擇和決定有多么漠不關心,這些選擇和決定終究是我們自己做出的。?No matter how indifferent the universe may be to our choices and decisions, these choices and?decisions are ours to make.


1. It is not difficult to imagine a world short of ambition.?一個缺乏抱負的世界將會怎樣,這不難想象。

2. There is a strong view that holds that success is a myth.?有一種盛行的觀點認為,成功是一種神話。

3. We decide that what makes us significant is either what we do or what we refuse to do.?我們決定用以顯示我們自身重要性的,不是我們做了什么,就是我們拒絕做了些什么。

Unit Twenty

6.冰川僅存在短短的一段時間就慢慢地悄無聲息地融化掉。?Icebergs exist only a short time and then slowly waste away just as unnoticed.

7.冰川的大部分體積隱藏在水下,因此其水下部分的伸展遠遠超過可見的頂部。?Most of bulk of icebergs is hidden below the water, so their underwater parts may extend out far?beyond the visible top.

8.在時間和壓力的作用下,許多小冰粒結合到一起變成更大的晶體。?With time and pressure from above, the many small ice grains joined and changed to larger crystals.

9. Icebergs afloat today are made of snowflakes that have fallen over long ages of time.?今天的冰山由多年前降落的雪花形成。

10. Icebergs come into being — somewhere — in faraway, frigid waters, amid thunderous noise and?splashing turbulence, which in most cases no one hears or sees.?冰山形成于久遠的、寒冷的水體中,而且伴隨著雷聲轟鳴般的嘈雜和水花洶涌的風暴,但卻無人耳聞目睹。

Unit Twenty-one

1. If you drop one of these balls, it will be irrevocably scuffed, marked, damaged or even broken into?pieces.


2. Don’t run through life so fast that you forget not only where you’ve been, but also where you are?going.


3. Knowledge is weightless,a treasure you can always carry easily.?知識是沒有重量的珍寶,你總能輕松攜帶。

4. By living your life one day at a time, you live all the days of your life.?踏實地過好每一天,才能享受自己的一輩子。

5.把生活想象成一場游戲,在這個游戲中,你正把五只球拋玩在空中。?Imagine life as a game in which you are playing some five balls in the air.

6.你必須學著盡可能地平衡自己的生活。?You must learn to strive for balance in your life.

7.在你停止嘗試之前,沒有什么事會真正地失敗。?Nothing is really over until the moment you stop trying.

8.不要因為找不到真愛而把它棄之于你的生活以外。?Don’t shut love out of your life by saying it’s impossible to find.

Unit Twenty-two

1.紐約是美國最大城市。??New York is the largest city in America.

2.要回答這個問題,我們必須考慮一些因素以及經濟方面的一些情況。?To answer this question we must consider certain facts and economics.

3.他們的成功并非偶然。?Their success did not happen simply by chance.

4.藥物起了立竿見影之效。?The medicine produced an immediate effect.

5.紐約的出口大于進口。?Exports from New York were greater than imports.

Unit Twenty-three

1. By using the virtue of truthfulness also he would remain safe and secure no matter where he was.


2. Even though it is difficult. he revealed that he was a thief without any hesitation.?盡管很難說出口,他還是坦白說他是個小偷。

3. The king appointed the thief as the new treasurer for his commitment to always being truthful.



When the program was over everybody went home except for him who was not ready to leave.

5.他們認為把一顆鉆石分成兩半將毫無價值。?They thought breaking one diamond in half would be valueless.

6.不一會兒他們就找到了小偷并把他帶去面見國王。?After a while the guards found the thief and presented him before the king.

7.因為沒有辦法將最后那顆鉆石分成兩半,我們就把它留在了保險柜里。? Since we could not break the last diamond in halves, we left one in the safe.

Unit Twenty-four


There is space for summer picnics, open-air concerts, plays and games.


From the top of the tower, you could see up to a distance of 130 kilometers on a clear day.

7.有些人認為,這兒的氣候不佳,市容丑陋骯臟。?Some people think that the weather is unpleasant; the city is ugly and dirty.

8. By 1820 the population of New York had grown to about 125,000, making it the largest city in the?USA.


9. New York is built on a group of islands on the east coast of USA at a point where several rivers flow?into the ocean.


Unit Twenty-five

1.I could never get over how he could play the songs so well after only hearing them a few times.


2.I had to mature into a man and have children of my own before I realized how much he had?sacrificed.


3. He could touch your soul with the tones that came out of that old mandolin.?他在那古老曼陀林上撫出旋律能夠觸及你的靈魂。

4.當他年輕一點的時候,他是一個小鄉村樂隊的成員。?When he was younger, he was a member of a small country music band.

5.如果他能把快樂奉獻給別人,他從不吝嗇,尤其是對他的家人?If he could give pleasure to others, he would, especially his family.

6.你可以看出,能給家人彈奏出如此美妙的旋律,他是多么的自豪。?You could see his pride in his ability to play so well for his family.

Unit Twenty-six


11.在現代生活中幾乎沒有什么能逃過時尚的影響。?In modern life almost nothing gets away from the influence of fashion.

12.人們都只是想成為富有創造性的新事物的一部分。?People simply want to be part of something new and creative.

13.變化的不僅僅是服飾和發型,還有整個生活方式。?It is more than just clothing and hairstyles that are changing, but a whole way of living.

14.人們的興趣愛好會很快地改變。?The interests that people follow can change very quickly.

15.有時候要分清楚時尚和流行趨勢是很難的。?It’s sometimes difficult to see the difference between a fad and a trend.


1. But Americans also pay a lot of attention to people who have no special ability at all.


2. ?Most Americans seem to feel that something is wrong if there isn’t frequent change in their lives.


Unit Twenty-seven


She was one of the most successful, influential and beloved women in American history.

5.我們對外在美的敏感,不是可以控制自如的。?Our sensitivity to physical beauty is not something we can control at will.


No matter how much we argue against it or pretend to be immune, beauty exerts its power over us.

7.美是比任何介紹信都有用的推薦函。?Beauty is a greater recommendation than any letter of introduction.

8. Even when we learn to value people mostly for being kind and wise and funny, we are still moved?by beauty.


9. If you aim to be kind and wise and funny, it doesn’t mean that you can’t also try your best to look?beautiful.


Unit Twenty-eight

1.A man may usually be known by the books he reads as well as by the company he keeps.


2. It always receives us with the same kindness; amusing and instructing us in youth, and comforting?and consoling us in age.


3. Men can think, feel, and sympathize with each other through their favorite author.?人們可以通過共同喜愛的作者而相知相契,息息相通。

4.A good book is often the best urn of a life, enshrining the best that life could think out.?一本好書如同最精美的寶器,珍藏著人一生的思想精華。

5.無論是書籍還是人,我們都應該選擇最佳者為友?One should always live in the best company, whether it be of books or of men.

6.當我們身處逆境、灰心沮喪時,書本并不背棄我們。? ?Book does not turn its back upon us in times of adversity or distress.

7.人們常常因同愛一本書而精神共鳴。? ?Men often discover their affinity to each other by the love they each have for a book.


The good and true thought may in times of temptation be as an angel of mercy purifying and?guarding the soul.

Unit Twenty-nine

11.未來的職業選擇將依賴于擁有一個聰明的大腦。?The future career options will rely on possessing a good brain.

12.你必須計劃做那些讓你夢想成真的事。You must plan to do what is necessary to make the vision of your future a reality.

13.我們將需要比以往更加主動地去思考。We will need to have a greater willingness to think than ever before.

14.如果壓根兒沒有夢想,那么夢想是絕對不能成為現實的。?A dream can never become a reality unless the dream exists in the first place.

15.你們必須明白,實現夢想需要采取什么行動。You must understand what it will take to achieve your dreams.

Unit Thirty


We spent a lot of time and energy in the yard to get it looking like it does today.

2.房子的前邊是另一碼事。?The front of the house is another story.


We decided to let it continue growing until we could figure out what it was.

4. We did the best we could with what we had to work.?我們竭盡所能來做我們必須做的工作。

5. The rocks appear to be just thrown up onto the dirt as if someone were in a hurry to finish.


6.I find it humorous sometimes that even the most mundane occurrences can have an impact on our?awareness.


7. If a tiny little sunflower didn’t let a big rock stand in its way of developing, we too have the capability of doing the same thing.??如果一棵小小的向日葵都沒有讓一塊大石頭擋住它成長的路,那么我們同樣有能力做同樣的事情。









51.這是我讀過的最有趣的科幻小說。???This is the most interesting science fiction that I have ever read.

52.他在這次事故中受傷了。?He was hurt in the accident.

53.我的錢已經花完了。?I have run out of my money.

54.我似乎感冒了。?I seem to have a cold.

55. This is one of the most exciting things about doing dangerous sports.?這是有關極限運動最令人激動人心的事情之一。

56. The best thing in life must be enjoying the beautiful sunshine on such soft sand.?生活中最美好的事一定是在如此柔軟的沙灘上享受美麗的陽光。

57. Some resolutions have to do with better planning, like making a weekly plan for schoolwork.?一些決心與更好的計劃有關,比如為學業制定一個周計劃。

58. Today’s cartoons are usually not so simple as Mickey Mouse.?今天的卡通人物通常都沒有米老鼠那樣簡單。


51.I wonder where we should go next.?我想知道我們接下來應該去哪兒。

52. Language is always changing and developing.?語言總是在發展變化。

53. Are you the kind of person who likes to move with music??你是那種喜歡跟著音樂舞動的人嗎?

54.I found out that sometimes doing someone a favor could get you into a lot of trouble.?我發現有時候幫助別人會讓自己陷入困境中。

55.我從未去過美國。? I have never been to the USA.

56.事實上,茶是偶然被發明出來的。?In fact,the tea was invented by accident.

57.姚明比我高很多。?Yao Ming is much taller than me.

58.你可以告訴我公交車站在哪里嗎??Could you tell me where the bus stop is?


51.現在的孩子們太依賴電腦和網絡了。? Nowadays kids rely on the computer and Internet too much.

52.在聽到這個悲傷的消息后,他們默默地走回了家。?After hearing the sad news, they all walked home in silence.

53.在鈴聲響之前,請不要答題。?Please don’t answer the questions before the bell rings.

54.在電影里王子變成了一只青蛙。?The prince changed into a frog in the movie.

55. Hometown has left sweet memories in my heart.?故鄉在我心中留下了美好的回憶。

56. One great thing about this city is that you can try different kinds of hot foods there.?關于這個城市有一件很棒的事,就是你能在那里嘗遍各種辣味十足的食物。

57. God help those who help themselves.?天助者自助/天道酬勤。

58. The old photo reminds me of my grandpa.?這張老照片讓我想起了我的爺爺。


51.雖然我們認識才一個月,但我們的友誼突飛猛進?Though we got to know a month ago, our friendship has been advancing rapidly.

52.和別人談話的時候,我們并不僅僅通過詞語表達自己的意思。?When talking with others we make ourselves understood not just by words.

53.我覺得昨晚的演出完美無缺。?I think that the show on last evening left nothing to be desired.

54.8月初,航空母艦完成了首次海上試航。?In early August, the aircraft carrier has undergone its first sea trial.

55. Scientists have tried lots of times to look for aliens from other planets in the last two centuries.? 兩個世紀以來,科學家多次嘗試過從其他星球上尋找外星人。

56. It never occurred to me that it would be so tough to start a new life in a strange city.? 我完全沒想到在一個陌生的城市開始一種新的生活有多么難。

57. Despite the steep roads and high mountains, soldiers rushed to the scene of the accident to carry out the rescue.


58. Taking care of one’s health is of course important, but there is no need to be too much afraid of illness.



51.據報道,政府已經下定決心要解決環境污染問題。?It is reported that the government has been determined to solve the problem of environmental pollution.

52.令他驚訝的是,他的春考成績比他期望的要好得多。?To his surprise, the result of his Spring College Entrance Examination is much better than what was expected.

53.漢語是世界上最難的語言之一,學習這種語言的人很快就會發現自己遇到了挑戰。?Chinese is one of the most difficult languages in the world, so people who are learning it soon find themselves challenged.

54.直到真要出國了,這個年輕人才意識到自立的重要性。?Not until the young man actually went abroad did he realize the importance of independence.

55. Of the many legends about the Great Wall, the story of Lady Mengjiang is the most moving.? 在有關長城的諸多傳說中,孟姜女的故事是最動人的。

56. Whatever the methods used, the purpose is to give visitors a sense of space in the garden.? 不管采用什么方式,目的就是為了讓游客們覺得花園很寬敞。

57. From ancient time, Shanghai has been an area where the main crop is rice.從古至今,上海地區的主要糧食作物一直都是大米。

58. This is perhaps part of the reason why Chinese culture has lasted for thousands of years.?這或許就是中國文化得以延續數千年的原因之一。


51. The computer industry is always in a constant state of change. That’s why a PC user needs the most up-to -date ?information.??電腦產業總是在變化。這就是為什么個人電腦用戶們需要最新的信息的原因。

52. No other world history can be more fascinating than the study of the military and war.??研究世界軍事和戰爭史是最令人著迷的。

53. This book is ideal for movie fans and readers of all ages looking for their beloved characters.?本書是所有年齡層次的影迷和讀者們尋找所喜歡的人物的最佳讀物。

54. Mrs. Smith is a full-time housewife in her thirties who would like to do nothing but manage her?family and housework well.


55.只有緊跟最新發展,我們才不會在電腦領域里落后于人。?Only by keeping up with the latest development. will we not fall behind in the computer field.

56.毫無疑問,校園活動和學習相互影響。?Undoubtedly, campus activities and studies influence each other.

57.直到那時他才知道色盲(colorblindness)還要分類型和程度。?It was then that he got to know that colorblindness varies in type and degree.

58.那是他生命的一個轉折點。他決心一生致力于幫助他人。?That was a turning point in his life. He made a decision to devote his life to helping others.


1.每天下午有許多學生到圖書館來借書。?A lot of students come to the library to borrow books every afternoon.

2.我從來沒看見這個字那樣用過。?I have never seen the word used in that way before.

3.教授規定我們必須在兩周內完成這些情況調查。?The professor required that we finish investigating these problems in two weeks.

4.完成論文以后,我們必須從頭到尾把它再讀一遍?After writing a thesis. we must go over it again.

5.房間里除了兩把椅子外,沒找到別的東西。?Nothing but two chairs was found in the room.

6.雖然冬天花園里有很多雪,但孩子們還是愛到那兒去玩。?Although there is a lot of snow in the garden in winter. children love playing there.

7.昨晚想必下雨了,因為路濕濕的。?It must have rained last night, for the road is wet.

8.那可怕的聲音把地鐵上所有的人嚇壞了。?The terrible sound made all the people in the subway frightened.

9.聽音樂是一種很好的放松方式。?Enjoying music is a good way of relaxation.

10.觀察與探索是科學研究中常用的重要方法。?Observation and exploration is a common but important approach in scientific research.

11.我很喜歡那個面朝大海的房子,但是我買不起。? I like the house facing the sea, but I can’t afford it.

12.她建議我要聽醫生的話,把煙戒掉。? She recommends me to follow the doctor’s advice and give up smoking.

13.瑪麗發現單靠自己的力量完成這項工作幾乎是不可能的。? Mary found it is almost impossible to complete the job by herself

14.你的建議是否考慮到了教師們的需要?? Have you taken consideration of the teachers’ needs in your proposal?


Although the training is hard and demanding, soldiers took the challenge fearlessly, and finished

the training successfully.

16.總統承諾,他將致力于不斷改善人民的生活水平。?The president promised that he would be committed to improving people’s living standard.

17.人們通常用花兒來裝飾房子。?People usually decorate houses/the house with flowers/the flower.

18.去年我在長城上遇見了她。?I met/saw her on the Great Wall last year.

19.做志愿者有助于開闊青年學生的眼界。?Being volunteers helps open up the eyes of the young students.

20.必須盡快采取有效措施來保護這些樹木。?Something effective must be done to protect these trees as soon as possible.

21.據報道,科學家們已經成功地找到對付癌癥的方法了。?It is reported that scientists have already found the way to deal with cancers successfully.

22.盡管他這次失敗了,但我確信他下一次一定會成功。?Although he failed this time,I am sure that he must be successful next time.

23.保護環境和發展經濟同樣重要。?Protecting environment is as important as developing economy.

24.他下定決心要忘掉過去的事,這使得他的父母很寬慰。?He made up his mind to forget the past, which made his parents relieved.

25. We were all so moved that we gave all our pocket money to the poor boy.?我們大家深受感動,結果把所有的零用錢都給了那個窮男孩。

26. They worked day and night so that they could build the bridge on time.?為了能按時建成這座大橋,他們夜以繼日地工作。

27.I think it necessary to buy a big English-Chinese dictionary.? 我認為買一本大的英漢詞典很有必要。

28. What he said sounded reasonable. but we wondered if he had really told the truth.


29. We would rather go to school on foot than push our way into the crowded buses.? 我們寧可步行也不愿意乘這么擁擠的公共汽車去學校。

30. Only when you understand this kind of knowledge, can you learn it by heart.?只有當你理解領會了這種知識,才能把它記住。

31. It is already one month and a half since they came to Shanghai, but so far they haven’t got jobs.? 他們來上海已經一個半月了,但至今還未找到工作。

32. It was a month before he returned, only to find his uncle gone.? 過了一個月他才回家,結果他的叔父已經離開了。

33. Almost all our major problems involve human behavior, and they cannot be solved by physical and biological technology alone.?我們面臨的幾乎所有主要問題都和人類行為有關,單單用物理和生物技術是無法解決的。

34. When l was three years old.I lived in a small village whose name I never knew.?我三歲時住在一個我也不知道叫什么名字的小村莊里。

35.I could hear Mom in the next room singing while she worked on one of her paintings.?我能聽到媽媽在隔壁房間里一邊唱歌一邊作畫。

36. The primary goal of the mission is to create a safer environment by promoting peace talking.?此次任務的主要目的是通過促進和談建立一個更安全的環境。

37. One of the reasons that people lose temper is that there exists a gap between their expectations and the reality.?人們發脾氣的原因之一是因為他們的期望和現實之間存在差距。

38. ?There is no need to panic because the patient only suffered minor injury.?病人不過是受了點小傷,沒有必要驚慌。

39. Our new colleague is friendly, capable and responsible that he immediately won our trust.?我們的新同事很友好,能力又強,又有責任感,一下子就贏得了我們的信任。

40. The problem is complicated that we will have to spend much time solving it.?這個問題很復雜,需要花很多時間來解決。

41. Taiwan has been part of China since ancient times.?臺灣自古以來就是中國領土的一部分。

42. The eight-year-old boy likes playing the piano so much that he has kept practicing for three years.?這個八歲的男孩酷愛彈鋼琴,以至于他堅持練琴三年了。

43. Nobel Prizes are awarded to the scientists who have made great achievements in a certain field.?諾貝爾獎授予那些在某一個領域做出巨大貢獻的科學家。

44. In fact, it is more important to learn to communicate in a foreign language than only to learn words.?事實上,學會用外語交際比只學會單詞更為重要。

45. If it is convenient, please go to the post office and fetch me the parcel.?如果方便的話,請幫我從郵局取回包裹。

46. Please make your decision as early as possible, or you’ll miss the golden chance.?請盡早作出決定,不然你會坐失良機。

47. The railway goes across the plain and connects the remote mountainous city with the sea port.?這條鐵路橫貫平原,把那個偏遠山城與海港連接了起來。

48. Although he is not rich, he is quite satisfied with his life.?雖然并不富裕,但是他對自己的生活相當滿意。





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